R Straughan

Electrical Services

I would like to thank Colin Grant from Diamond Group for his professional services.

Colin came to my house to repair my business computer after many days of it acting itself, this was creating problems with my business.

After notifying Colin with the problem he had an immediate response and in no time at all he was filling my head with computer jargon talk, which was very impressive but I never understand a word to be honest.

He battled on for a couple of hours to try and save my computer from the graveyard in the sky, but to no avail. Then eventually came the verdict the computer is too old and memory is too small and full of useless information, a bit like me!

Colin advised me the best answer was to replace it, I agreed and Colin provided me with a new laptop for which I am very grateful.

Colin also provide me support in getting me up and running with the new lap top as this was quite different from my previous desk top from the cave.

I would have no hesitation recommending Colin’s professional services to all my friends and family and thank you once again for a fantastic job.

PS - How do you turn it on again?