Accountancy Firm

We depend on our IT. More so than most businesses. Literally every person in our office uses a computer all day.

We also use very specific software in the office. Lately we have been having increasing issues with our software provider. A provider we have used for fifteen years. We had been trying to organise a trial of the software on a hosted platform for about 8 months.

Our patience wore out and I raised the problem with John and Colin at Diamond IT. I was staggered when literally a few days later they managed to not only build a fully working platform with our software on it but had also comfortably beaten the performance of our incumbents.

As a result of the works that John, Colin and his team have put in on this they have helped us to highlight significant flaws in the software we have been using and will undoubtedly save us a significant amount of time going forward. We very nearly made a very expensive mistake and cannot thank the team enough.