Alice Hall

Director - Rowen Properties

 A shout out to a business I really admire – Diamond!

In the early days of business, internal IT was just such a headache and it was always at the bottom of our priority list.

There was always an issue; printers broken, emails not syncing, internet gone off (nightmare if you're an online business!).  We roped a load of people in as part of their job and even tried dedicating a role to it (but what do you do when that person is on holiday?)

Finally, we heard about an outsourcing IT company (didn't even know it was an option!) Diamond Group.  It gradually become one of the best business decisions we made.

In some kind of sorcery, if you have an issue with your computer, they just take over control of your screen and fix it!  If they can't, they hop in the car and come to sort it.  None of this 'try switching it off and back on' (well, a little).

They even sorted my internet for my home office, and did you know they also do all the mobile phone contracts! Letting us get on with what we knew best - buying, selling, and shipping.

The senior management team are all brilliant - John Burns, Hazel, Colin and Gary. If you're looking for an IT provider then reach out to John, he comes highly recommended!