See what some of our amazing customers say about working with the Diamond Group

  •   Steve Air at Diamond - a lovely man who sells in the same way as my Dad, Barry Emmerson Mercedes Executive Chauffeur Service, which is no hard sell. As you will be aware people buy from people. If you need a new photocopier, printer etc. then why not ask Steve for a quote, he will not hassle you to bits once the quote has been provided. Here we are outside of Diamond Group headquarters (Team Valley), about ten times the size of their original office in East Boldon.  
    Jacqueline Emmerson - Emmerson Solicitors
  •   It's nearly twenty years since I set up Emmersons Solicitors, it was then named Jacqueline Emmerson Solicitors. I bought my first, and favourite photocopier second hand from John Burns, Diamond Business Systems. Here we are today at his new premises on the Team Valley. I am proud of us both, we've come a long way in twenty years and I'm still buying photocopiers from him. For anyone who knows John, he is one of the best salesman in the North? Mr Networker Extraordinaire.    
    Managing Director - Solicitors (DG023)
  •   We have worked with Diamond Business Systems for several years now and have been delighted with the quality of service they provide. As our school has expanded, and as our specific needs have changed, we have always felt able to discuss our requirements and explore possibilities in a very professional and unpressured manner. We feel that a genuine effort has been made to understand our organisation and deliver the best possible package at a competitive price. All members of the repair an...
    Head Teacher - Tyneside Primary School (DG018)
  • I know my MD has beat me to it, but I just wanted to tell you how impressed I’ve been with Ben, your IT Apprentice.  He’s done a great job and everything has gone really smoothly, thank you so much.
    Manager - Public Relations Company (DG020)
  •     Speed is of the essence! Diamond received a very nice feedback from a new client who has just set up his new business: “I’ve come to you because your response is quicker than an ambulance” Thank you - we appreciate that comment.  
    Director - New Business (DG014)