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Using intelligence, scale and flexibility, eve allows your business to thrive in this new, digitally led business market

Bring the convenience of modern technology into one easy-to-use phone system with eve.

eve can provide your business with a choice of three different licenses: Entry, Essential and Everything, allowing you to choose which package is more suitable for your company and its needs.

As a Cloud-based IP Telephony Service, there is no need to be worrying about changing locations and the hassle it will cause, eve offers you complete flexibility. You are able to access your business and connect to your customers from day one and from any location, at any time; eve can even redirect your inbound calls to a chosen device so that you don’t miss those all-important calls. Even the calls you do miss can be recorded on the eve portal where they will be stored safely and securely using the data centres provided there.

To make your business run as smoothly as it possibly can, eve can provide you with Multi-site which links all of your sites together into one phone system by using a package provided by eve or even using your existing phone system, if you do not wish to change. With Multi-site, you will benefit from free, internal calls and eve will even configure inbound numbers to ring where you wish. eve will also ensure that your call quality will be exceptional at all times, everywhere you go, by providing you with dedicated connectivity solutions

Constantly on the move? You will be able to run your whole business smoothly from eve’s integrated app on a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone and you can share ideas, presentations and comments with your colleagues easily with the instant messaging service provided by eve.

Fraudulent activity is getting more and more sophisticated and so protection against it is essential. eve has a number of protective measures put in place including audits, password management and no dial through voicemail to keep your business safe. Call volumes and patterns are monitored and reported back to you if eve suspects anything suspicious.

For more information on what eve can do for your business visit their website at or call us on 0191 519 3700