When it comes to mobiles, Diamond Group can offer every major network whilst having no specific affiliation with any of them. This means that we can provide you with impartial advice and access to all the UKs major networks ensuring that we will find the best solution for your business.

Whether it’s the latest Samsung or Apple, it means that unlike the networks, we can compare tariffs across all networks to offer you the solution that will be the best for you and reduce the costs of your business mobile.

Workforce Mobilisation

Become completely mobile with Diamond Group.

At Diamond, we select and combine all our products and services to provide your business with one complete solution.

Lower costs and improve efficiency with our reliable Business Grade Broadband and Data Connectivity and at the end of the month Diamond Group will provide you with one single bill, showing you exactly what you are being charged for so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

We understand that business nowadays is no longer run solely from the office so it is essential that you stay mobile. Due to new technology trends, the way business works has been revolutionised; your business is no longer restricted to one place and that is why Diamond Group are offering businesses cost saving solutions to keep you up to date.

Diamond Group can provide you with:

  • Business Tariffs - bundle or pay-as-you-use business tariffs with O2 and Vodafone.
  • Mobile Data Solutions - access to the O2 WiFi network to keep you connected at all times, USB dongles and smartphone tethering.
  • Smartphone bolt-on – access the internet, run applications and share data while on the go or even at home to keep your business running smoothly.
  • Single Voice System – be notified when you receive a message which can be sent to an email address and you can listen to any messages you receive from any device.
  • Make and receive landline calls from a mobile device or tablet as if you were using a regular office telephone.
  • Smartphone Apps – receive advise on which apps can help you to streamline your business.
  • Remote or Home workers – Audio and Voice conferencing, making home working just like being in the office.

Managing Change

At Diamond Group, we also provide businesses like yours with geographic numbers from areas other than your actual location, making changing locations easier and any home workers you may have can use a geographic number which has the same range as head office. We also offer businesses like yours a hosted IP technology solution that allows you to communicate easily between work sites as if everyone were in the same office. By using a simple web portal, hosted IP technology can route your calls wherever you require at any time of day and gives you the ability to add or subtract any number of users from the system almost immediately.

Business Start-up

Starting a new business? Avoid any expensive mistakes by having the right communications systems and network services for your business.

Diamond Group can provide your new business with calls and lines, either analogue or ISDN. Even if you don’t think you need a new phone system but are in need of advanced features such as, call transfer, music on hold, hunt groups or call recording, the Diamond team will be more than happy to provide you with them. You can even opt for a pay-as-you-use tariff which you can easily scale up or down depending on what is best for your business at any time. This allows you to have a small system, with big features, at a low price.

You can even keep your business mobile with the smartphones we can provide for our business. Diamond can keep you connected and responsive to your customers at all times, even when you’re away from the office. We can offer you advise on the most appropriate tariffs for your smartphone and a range of devices and applications we would recommend for businesses like yours.

Diamond Group also provide businesses like yours with Insurance Cover on your business mobile. Call us on 0191 519 3700 or email us at sales@diamond-group.net to speak to one of our experts.