Internet Useful Internet Essential Internet Critical Internet is critical to all 30+ staff
What we recommend  DSL  Fibre Broadband Ethernet First Mile Ethernet Fibre
What sort of business would us it A small business that use email, perhaps wire a blog, orders online, checks social media A business that relies on sending and receiving large files, or media, such as a design agency An online business who uses cloud based applications for examples for their customer relationship management (CRM) system A large office, with 30+ staff, perhaps with remote workers and multiple cloud based applications
How would you use it? It's good, cost effective, internet access It'll give you faster speeds then DSL for greater efficiency If you want to take the first step into dedicated business grade internet access If you need a robust, dedicated solution that can be easily scaled as the business grows
How fast is it? * Expect speeds of up to 1.7 Mbps download, 2.5 Mbps upload Expect Speeds of up to 76 Mbps download, 19Mbps upload Expect speeds of up to 35 Mbps download AND upload Expect speeds between 10 and 1000 Mbps download AND UPLOAD
Additional Information One reason these options are so cost-efficient is that effectively you 'share' the connectivity. It could, for example be shared with 20 other users; if all 20 people were downloading something at the same time, the speed could drop. This is known as a 'contended' service. These options include something called symmetric bandwidth, which means all your devices can send and receive data at equal speeds. Your business will also benefit from QoS or 'quality of service' which means that the important things like voice, traffic gets there first. This will be critical if you want to implement a hosted telephony solution.


* Speeds may vary depending on the line, technology available and the distance from the exchange.

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