Enjoy the freedom of a dedicated connection with Internet Leased Lines.

Diamond Group are happy to offer businesses like yours Internet Leased Lines which guarantee the user a dedicated connection without having to share the line with 20 or so other users; meaning that at peak times, you will get the best connection possible with no delays.

Unlike with broadband packages, Leased Lines can offer users the same speed for both uploads and downloads. This is an element that is critical for applications such as file sharing between branches, hosting websites or mail servers, video conferencing or surveillance and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems, ideal for medium to large businesses with a high number of internet users. Businesses are also able to get a wider choice of Bandwidth selection with Internet Leased Lines than they would with Broadband which is significantly more restricted.

By using an Internet Leased Line, you will be receiving a better quality of service compared to broadband packages and you will receive an unlimited usage plan which enables companies, like yours, to add services such as video and voice over IP in addition to the typical internet and data connectivity. This saves you worrying about how much data you have used and how much it will cost. 

You will be in total control over your own mail servers, web servers and any other applications with a pool of permanent IP addresses provided by a Leased Lines package. These lines can also be leveraged to form a Virtual Private Network across multiple branches to ensure that you stay connected.

With broadband like ADSL, speeds are only at their top advertised potential when the user is located very close to your telephone exchange and they drop dramatically in speed the further away you get. Leased Lines are dedicated solely to you meaning that you are guaranteed higher connectivity speeds with fewer disruptions.

Leased Lines are provided through multiple mediums of copper, fibre and radio links or a combination of all three to ensure reliability and better fault tolerance, performance and monitoring abilities.

With a Fibre-Optic cable, Leased Lines offer businesses a higher-grade, more-expensive hardware and in turn a more reliable service. You will avoid all electrical interference, meaning no transmission errors you may encounter with regular broadband. ADSL can offer you a cheaper service, however, you may be prone to more broadband issues which may not be fixed for days. Whereas, Leased Lines will be monitored in order to troubleshoot any problems as soon as they arise and if you should need onsite assistance, you could be waiting as little as five hours for assistance.

You may be paying a little more for Leased Lines but the quality of service and the faster speeds will prove that it is certainly worth it.

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