Broadband and Connectivity are essential to your business. Slow or faulty broadband is something most companies try desperately to avoid.

Diamond Group are able to offer businesses like yours faster and more reliable internet connection at a reasonable cost. With reliable business broadband, we offer options for future proofing of connections for growth plans, superfast speeds and improved internet connection.

Whatever your business needs, we can offer the broadband that is right for your unique business. From standard ADSL Broadband to Fibre Ethernet we will offer advice on each one, taking in to consideration the size of your business and what benefits you will get from each option. If, for example, you are in need of a faster broadband but don’t need anything too flashy then consider Fibre Broadband. If you need something with a little more “oomph” we would suggest Fibre Access.

Diamond Group’s Fibre Access offers businesses dedicated synchronous and uncontended internet access, a wide range of tail circuit and backhaul providers for the best cost per site with free installation when you sign a 3-year contract.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is another broadband that is able to connect sites using a private cloud which uses no internet so you are guaranteed extra security and control. We can offer your business multiple access options and providers and, if needed, a Quality of Service add-on to prioritise critical applications.

Other add-ons we provide include pre-configured routers, one static IP address which is subject to more cost approval, 24/7 UK based ISP support, unlimited usage and mass migration project support and coordination.