Wifi router

Cost Effective Broadband

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Are you finding that your broadband is dropping out or slowing down?

With business grade broadband from Diamond Group we can offer your business a high capacity / high speed transmission service which will enable you to carry multiple voice, video or data channels simultaneously. 

With our bespoke leased line and bonded broadband solutions we can offer ‘always on’ connectivity across a multi-million pound, fully resilient network whilst cutting your costs with a cheaper broadband package.

Providing fast and stable connection for your business is essential.

Sharing Bandwidth slows you down but with Fibre Access you don't have to share your bandwidth with anyone. Fibre Access delivers a high speed, reliable internet connection at a lower cost than fibre based Ethernet services. It even comes with guaranteed speeds of up to 20Mbps of synchronous bandwidth and unlimited usage making it perfect for faster uploads. Find out about our Leased Lines Broadband.

What are the other types of broadband can we offer businesses like yours?

If you’re unsure about which broadband is right for you? , what Printing and Copying should you use? or what kind of IT and Telecoms support you need follow the links provided to get a better idea.

At Diamond we are more than happy to help which is why we provide you with round the clock support so that you're never in a tight spot.

Get in contact on 0191 519 3700 and speak to one of our experts or email us at sales@diamond-group.net.