What is it?

In essence, Hosted Telephony is a modern day telephone solution for your business based around the internet that subsequently can provide many benefits to your business.

What are the main benefits for my business?

Save money – rather than invest in your own premise based phone system with large set up costs, your business can utilise a carrier-grade platform that provides a fully-resilient, secure, high quality voice service.

  • Flexibility - Not all business telephony users are the same. Some require support for multiple devices, voicemail or recording, while others may require contact centre capabilities. With cloud-based telephony you are in full control of what services are provisioned for each type of user, ensuring that you deliver the services that are required by your business, but not paying for the full breadth of services across all employees.
  • Extensions anywhere - Business telephony is then delivered into your business through Voice over IP (VoIP) delivered to IP phones on users’ desks, softphones on PC's or softphone Apps on smartphones. This provides ultimate flexibility as to where voice services are delivered, enabling extensions to be distributed across multiple offices, to home workers or remote employees using their mobile or laptops. What is more, as users are not tied to a physical extension, hot-desking and flexible working is fully supported and simple to deploy.
  • Pay-As-You-Use – Take advantage of our Pay-As-You-Use subscription model and avoid the need to upfront purchase equipment. Here you only pay for the number of users the business requires each month and for the capabilities that are required by each user. You have the ultimate flexibility to add and remove users and with the ability to deliver services to any location, and have the ability to change where services are delivered as often as needed.
  • Support – 24/7 support centre that monitors your hosted telephony platforms availability and quality of service.