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Exceptional Call Reporting

Telecoms fraud now costs UK businesses £1bn per year and is becoming the largest source of fraud across the UK.

How can fraud happen?

Criminals can hack into business phone systems and use the lines to ring premium phone numbers, leaving the business liable for the call charges. Attacks on unmonitored lines can cost thousands and unless prosecution and a conviction can be made, the business is left unprotected and potentially exposed to large costs.

Minimising the risk

Exceptional Call Reporting from Diamond Group will report on calls on your lines, looking out for any strange calling patterns to premium rate numbers (particularly out of hours), or high levels of spend to known fraudulent destinations.

If we detect any of these patterns we’ll notify you of the exceptional activity and as a first step, we can place an immediate block on outbound calls from the lines making these calls. Then, if we agree that fraudulent activity has indeed taken place, we’ll ask you to report the matter to the police for investigation and to obtain a crime reference number. We can offer help and support on the best way to do this.

You are probably already investing in the protection of your data and IT systems through firewalls and anti-virus software. It is equally important to now protect your telephone lines and voice systems from fraudulent attacks and that is where we can help. 

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