Ricoh MPCW2201SP Plotter

The Ricoh MPCW2201SP provides businesses with the quality value that they need from Plotters today.

Stay highly competitive with Smart Operation Panels and Auto Nozzle Detection to detect clogged nozzles and allow you to take action sooner. Ricoh MPCW2201SP offers businesses enhanced productivity with high-speed monochrome printing at 3.1 pages per minute and colour printing at 2.1 pages per minute. It also provides businesses like yours with a Scan Preview, improving accuracy immensely.

Design features such as Emergency Print, Manual Paper Cut and an LED Lamp gives you extra security when using your Ricoh Plotter.

Ricoh knows security is a massive part of running and protecting your business which is why they have included encrypted functions in the MPCW2201SP. These security measures ensure administration and user authentication and eliminate spoofing. Sensitive information is always protected with encrypted PDF transmissions to allow you to scan securely.

Despite all these security measures the MPCW2201SP boasts easy to operate usability with easier setting of paper rolls to keep your business running smoothly at all times.

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