"We print the odd brochure, letter and invoice"  "It's key that we have signed documents" "We're using a ream of paper a week!" "We can't live without all of our work being printed in high quality" "Printing is our business! We can't work without our technical drawings!"
The Basics Everything you print is A4 in size and black and white. Still printing on A4 but you do a bit of colour print and some higher volumes, perhaps to print T&C's & contracts. You need A4 and A3 prints and you need them quickly! You're also starting to look at colour prints too. You do all your own marketing literature and brochures - so they need to look amazing! CAD, Plans, Layouts, Technical Designs... this is your business!
What sort of businesses typically use these A small business that would be printing infrequently and doesn't want to spend lots of money on ink/toner or a big photocopier. A business that relies on having signed documents for both invoicing & contractual reasons. Solicitors, Accountants, Recruiters. It's fast-paced, you've got to get lots of quotes out, invoices printed, reports done and you need to show them off to clients so they need to look good! Brochures, Flyers, Management & board reports, Client Proposals, Timesheets - it's all high quality and high volume and needed now! The clever people behind large scale projects - such as Architects, Designers and Engineers.

What we'd recommend

Maximise space and efficiency with a Desktop Printer - something like an Olivetti PGL 2540/45 A compact multi-function printer with low running costs. Look at Ricoh MPC307 Designed to deliver the highest standard of print quality in both mono and colour, even in heavy volume. An Olivetti 283 - 554 Latest generation colour multi-functional devices for medium & large organisations. Perhaps an Olivetti MF652 or 752 Multi-function wide format printer offering superior value. Look at the Ricoh MP CW2201SP

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