Protection against Ransomware

Ransomware is a constantly evolving type of malware that can target businesses and cost them millions.

Cyber-criminals are able to gain access to business computers and encrypt important documents rendering them totally unusable. In order receive a decryption key, ransom must be paid to the attackers. However, it is not just the ransom businesses pay when this occurs, the main cost they notice is the business down-time they must endure before restoring their files.

Diamond Group help protect businesses like yours from ransomware attacks and keep your files and your data safe. In order to do this, we have teamed up with Bitdefender and Barracuda to offer businesses the best protection.

Diamond Group offer services such as Behaviour Based Detection function by Bitdefender Antivirus which protects important documents from ransomware encryption, blocks suspicious applications, denies unauthorised access and prevents file modification to combat infections. By providing you with machine learning anti-malware, an anti-ransomware vaccine, real-time process monitoring and remediation we are able to detect a virus early in the process, terminate it and roll back any changes the virus makes so that you lose as little data as necessary. 

Barracuda Spam Filtering also comes in handy when protecting your business from ransomware. This service manages and filters all inbound and outbound emails, protecting you against email-borne threats and data leaks. Spam Filtering will block malicious emails before they even reach your inbox to minimise any threats.

At Diamond Group, we think it is important to have added security which is why we provide businesses with User Education. It is essential that users are suspicious of any unsolicited emails, whether they are from someone they “know” or seemingly legitimate authorities as any of these emails can contain links to infected websites causing your system to become infected.

However, Diamond Group do understand that the ransomware may still get through these barriers and so, as an added precaution, we can offer businesses like yours Online Backup. You will be able to store a protected copy of your most important files meaning that you will be able to recover them should an infection occur without having to pay the ransom fees.

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