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Monthly IT Support

Diamond Group can offer Monthly IT Support to businesses like yours.

If your business doesn’t require full-time IT support and, frankly, can’t afford to be paying for constant support when you’re not using it then consider looking into Diamond’s Monthly IT Support.

We can offer businesses like yours Helpdesk Support which allows us to solve any issues you may have quickly and remotely. More often than not, we will be notified of a potential problem you may be having with your server or storage and we will be able to solve it remotely, usually without you even knowing! This ensures that you are able to get on with running your business without any IT concerns, knowing that Diamond will always be there to help.

The data your company acquires is essential to keeping your business up and running which is why, at Diamond Group, we will monitor your disk space, disk health, server issues and more to make sure that your important information is protected. If we do come across a problem we cannot fix remotely we will immediately give you a call and send someone out at the earliest convenience. We will also receive an alert if your online back-up fails, meaning that we can address the issue and hopefully fix it without having to bother you or disrupt your day-to-day business.

Diamond Group understand that it is important that you are able to continue working and engaging with your clients through any IT updates and that is why we boast our ability to initiate Antivirus software without causing disruptions to your business. This way, you won’t lose any work days while we install protection to ensure you are covered when it comes to online malware.

Our monthly support offers businesses the opportunity to receive the benefits of IT support without having to hire in your own IT technician or permanent IT support that you just don’t need.


To find out more about what Monthly Support packages we can offer and give us a call on 0191 519 3700 to speak to one of our experts or you can drop us email at