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IT Security, Backup and DR

Our IT Security, backup and Disaster Recovery solutions can provide the comfort and confidence that your business data is protected against any unforeseen events

Our managed services will monitor and report on these services to ensure a timely resolution of any alerts. Small businesses can benefit from this type of protection just as much. By protecting your data from a real-life or cyber disaster, you will be buying into cost-effective insurance that will minimise risk if anything were to happen. With Disaster Recovery, you will have to make less redundancies and pay out less money to retrieve your lost work should a disaster occur.

You may be thinking that your business is covered when it comes to online disasters as all of your data is backed up onto a hard-drive, however, it is equally important to protect your business from real life disasters such as, fires or water damage. This is why, when it comes to disaster recovery, Diamond Group recommend that you store your company’s all-important files in a Data Centre.

What is a Data Centre?

A Data centre is an offsite alternative to storing data. All of your data will be backed up during your personal out of hours times in order to cause little to no disruption. What this means is that were anything bad to happen, your business would only have lost up to one day’s work rather than work that took months.

When it comes to your business’s data you need top quality protection and that is why Diamond Group recommend that you use data centres over storage sites. Our Data Centres are safe and secure, guaranteeing protection you can rely on.

If you were to receive a virus or malware your business could lose all of your data. Retrieving and restoring your data can be time consuming and costly, but with the Data Centres we provide you could end up saving a load of money if anything were to happen.

So, don’t risk waiting until disaster strikes, start protecting your data now with Diamond Group.

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