Hardware Supply & Installation


Diamond Group provide businesses in the North East with all of their hardware wants and needs.


We offer companies like yours, PC’s, Laptops and Servers from big name brands such as Dell, Microsoft, Lenovo, Bespoke Hardware, Barracuda and more to keep your business up and running. With routers and servers, Diamond Group will ensure that you always stay connected and we would be more than happy to supply a Firewall to your businesses IT for that added protection against viruses.


By sitting down and having a chat about what sort of thing you use your IT devices for, how often they are used and how essential your IT products are to your business we can find you the most relevant computer or server all within your budget!


After discussing which products would be best for your business, our technicians will install your new device and see that you are all set up and ready to go about your working day with as little interruption as possible.


Email us at sales@diamond-group.net or call us on 0191 519 3700 to speak to one of our friendly staff about what we can do for your business.