Cloud Computing

Put simply, Cloud Computing is computing based on the internet. It allows you to access all of your information remotely from any location and cuts the need for your business to purchase expensive hardware such as servers and firewalls.


Advantages of our Cloud services


  • Cost efficient maintenance and upgrading
  • Typically PAYG, minimal start-up costs
  • Scalability
  • Almost unlimited storage
  • Make back-up and recovery much simpler than other more traditional methods of data storage
  • Automatic software integration
  • Easy access to information - You can access your information from anywhere that has internet
  • Quick deployment - Your entire system can be fully functional in a matter of a few minutes
  • Automatic software updates - Cloud computing does server maintenance and security updates themselves, saving you time
  • Environmentally friendly with less carbon emissions than using on site servers


See Hosted Exchange and Spam Filtering to find out what Cloud Computing can offer your business. Diamond Group can also offer businesses like yours the option of Hosted File and Application Servers.


Diamond Group’s Hosting Services are a popular alternative to the expense of purchasing and maintaining your own in-house server infrastructure. CAPEX costs can be kept to a minimum without needing to forego a secure server-based network environment. Diamond’s per-user pricing model allows you to budget for your monthly payments based on the number of users, data and backup storage that you require. The servers are hosted in Diamond’s secure, resilient datacentre with backup communications, power and fire suppressant systems which ensure continuous availability for your business-critical systems, applications and data.


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