Remote Assessment Services


Expert advice for new home office workers, to reduce and prevent back pain risk, keeping them healthy for the return to office work.

These are perfect if you:

  • Are struggling with back pain and unsure what to do next
  • You are new to working from home
  • Realise that you constantly slouch and are looking for ways to stop this
  • Have been diagnosed with a back issue or condition and are unsure of the best way to reduce your pain and optimise your recovery
  • You would like to have an independent assessment of steps you need to take to recovery and reduction of symptoms.

Our assessments include unique bespoke diagnostic tools to quickly find and address any risk factors, including specific back, neck or shoulder or wrist issues, from general postural pain to chronic conditions such as arthritis, RSI, sciatica, scoliosis and fibromyalgia.

The majority of our clients suffer from on-going pains such as neck, shoulder or lower back ache, which we can quickly address and correct before it becomes chronic and extended leave is required. We also see many prolapsed or bulging disc issues, exacerbated by bad posture as well as issues such as RSI.

Back pain is multicausal in its nature, with posture, stress, nutrition and exercise all having an impact on the person’s overall well-being and therefore level of risk of back pain. We check you are doing everything you can to maximise your recovery. Knowing the subtle physical and psychological causes that increase your chances of adopting a bad posture is essential. So we will look at your back pain history, and provide an assessment of current rehabilitation, nutrition and wellbeing advice.

What the appointment will include:

Your remote assessment (via Teams, Zoom, Phone, Skype or FaceTime) appointment will be with expert Nichola Adams, Msc Health Ergonomics, Tech CIEHF. She is highly skilled in quickly getting to the root cause and providing effective solutions to resolve and reduce on-going back issues. Using a deep understanding of good posture, biomechanics, anthropometrics and psychology, she will educate you in quick and easy long-term preventative strategies which are so key in a full recovery.

  • In-depth assessment and analysis of symptoms, including previous back pain history
  • Workstation risk assessment including a visual REBA
  • Seated postural analysis management
  • Postural training to supplement any changes that are made to the workstation.
  • Ergonomic advice provided, including contributing risk factors outside of the workplace
  • Full or summary report detailing any suggested modifications

She will not only provide ergonomic expertise but will also signpost on to other recommended steps to a speedy recovery. It is her passion to get you better and showing you the way to stopping the cycle of pain.

Expert advice for home and office workers, to reduce and prevent back pain when sitting at the desk all day, including a review of other rehabilitation work.

The benefit of being enabled to sit correctly are:

  • Increased comfort levels
  • Long term protection against injury to your back
  • Faster recovery from a musculoskeletal injury
  • Increased productivity – good posture increases oxygen to the body and brain
  • Increased wellbeing
  • Reduced sick leave, presenteeism and absenteeism
  • Increased energy levels

For more information and a quote, please call Terry Armstrong on 0191 519 3700 or email