Vodafone - Spyware alert

  27 Apr 2021

We have been notified of the following information from Vodafone regarding an SMS text message scam that has infected some of their customers’ phones.

What is it?

Flubot Spyware

What happens?

An SMS text message is received regarding a parcel containing a false link to tracking information. If clicked, the Spyware is downloaded onto the phone. It can access SMS text messages containing sensitive information and verification codes for things like bank and other one-time access codes customers may receive.

What is being done?

Please be vigilant about clicking on links within SMS text messages that are received.  Forward suspicious messages to 7726, which will help to crack down on fraudulent SMS text messages.

Whilst we are passing this information on, unfortunately we cannot provide any assistance with affected devices. Further guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre can be accessed by clicking the link below:



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