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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Our “Handy Tips” Series is breaking with tradition, slightly, by dedicating this issue solely to a quick overview of a selection of methods to enable Mobile Device printing. Hopefully, this might make it all seem a little less complicated.

You may already know that hand-held tablets and smartphones have been driving the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) market and means that mobile printing will, undoubtedly, strengthen in importance.

Olivetti’s MFPs, for example, are well featured to handle a variety of methods for enabling mobile printing to their machines with the added benefit of well thought-through authentication for securing confidential data.

Listed here are just some of the technologies available to enable printing from mobile devices. The list isn’t exhaustive but these are among the most commonly used methods.




To use an AirPrint™ compatible printer users have to connect to a printer on a local Wi-Fi network and it must be connected to the same network as an iOS device. The AirPrint™ printer is selected from an app - many are free to install.

Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print works on mobile phones, tablets, Chromebooks, PCs and any other web-connected device a user wants to print from. Printers are managed from the Cloud making it easy for anyone, wherever they are, to find their nearest printer. Simply register with Google Cloud Print using a feature of Google Chrome.

Mobile Print Apps

Olivetti machines support PageScope™ Mobile App, available as a free download for both iOS, Android and even Windows devices to connect to Olivetti MFPs using Wi-Fi. It enables users to print documents and images as well as import scanned data and even supports QR Code scanning and NFC.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

On the operator panel of Olivetti’s latest models there is a special area allowing connection when a mobile touches it, or is brought within a few centimetres of it.

Dedicated Software e.g. YSoft and PaperCut

Olivetti works with partners such as YSoft and PaperCut, for authentication and data security. Their software includes a number of modules such as Print Roaming (or Follow-Me Printing), Mobile Print and Rules Based Printing using a web link that users can access to enable printing which removes the risk of incoming viruses.

Network Cards & Licence Kits

MFPs such as the Olivetti d-Color MF range feature Network Cards and Licence Kits which give a choice of options for printing or creating a Wi-Fi “Hotspot”, where Wi-Fi is not standard. Users can email directly to the d-Color MF range and print out attachments, which could be PDF, XPS, DOCX, TIFF, PNG files etc. It’s also possible to scan straight to Word, Excel or PowerPoint and can take advantage of OCR functionality.


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