The future is bright at Diamond!

Sunday, April 5, 2020

DIAMOND are thrilled to have recently started three apprentices, who will be based at their new home on Kingsway North, Team Valley.

Diamond Group is reaping the rewards of regional funding after achieving record growth and is also planning to create a further 20 new positions over the next five years in the IT, reprographics and telecoms sectors.
As for our 'new apprentices' - first to start was Morgan Armour, Trainee Copier Engineer, followed by Trainee IT Technician, Ben Richardson, and last but not least Kelsey Telford, Business Admin Apprentice.

Photo - left to right - Ben Richardson, Kelsey Telford and Morgan Armour


John Burns, Group Managing Director said “The Directors at Diamond have discussed for some time about bringing in young people with fresh ideas as the company grows and we look to the future. The regional funding and recent rapid growth of the company has helped us to achieve our goal".
John also wanted to mention his existing staff, and added "We’ve grown very fast, and a major contributory factor is the fantastic staff who already work for Diamond, and I am delighted to have been able to reward staff recently with the promotion they truly deserve”.
The move onto the Team Valley and much larger premises has also allowed Diamond to not only increase their staff numbers but also their customer base.