Northern Insight Article - November 2017 - Testimonial - Your Move

Thank you Tim Stonock from Your Move

Sunday, April 5, 2020

It’s always nice to be praised for your services, but a testimonial that we received recently from Your Move made us realise that we should be highlighting these kind people that take the time to thank us for our services.  We are very proud of what we do, but we’re even prouder when our clients appreciate all our hard work too!

This testimonial comes courtesy of Tim Stonock, the Operations Director at Your Move.

“The time it took from our initial contact with the Diamond Group and completion of our requirements was about six weeks from raising the issue to completing the job.  To be fair, four weeks of that were us making our minds up whether to go ahead!

“I dealt with Colin Grant from Diamond and we decided to replace all our existing computers and purchased the latest mobile devices so that the valuation managers could use them off-site.

“We’ve always liked the way Diamond work and have used them for IT support.  Diamond was the natural first choice to go to when we thought about making the change.  They were very easy to deal with.  Colin is always very fair and transparent so we didn't even bother to obtain a competitive quote.

“I have to say, they did an absolutely excellent job.  A number of branches have said how professional the technicians were in changing the computers over and retaining all their important data.

“Trust is a big issue for us and I am pleased to say that we trust Diamond to find the right solution for our IT requirements.  

“We are a locally owned business which operates within a national brand.  Your Move is the most recognised single brand estate agency in the UK.  We employ local people who are highly skilled residential estate agents and offer a topuality service to property buyers and sellers.  We also have a large residential lettings business, provide financial services and arrange conveyancing.  We have eight high street branches across Tyneside and County Durham.

Colin Grant said: ”We’re obviously flattered at Diamond Group, but I have to say, although I am mentioned in the testimonial, it’s the team that deserve the praise, as without the fantastic work that they carry out on behalf of our clients on a daily basis, we wouldn’t be able to offer our customers the service we do”

Thank you Tim Stonock from Your Move – We appreciate your comments - The Diamond Team are delighted! 

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Photograph - Colin Grant, IT Director, Diamond Group