Technology is evolving

Technology is evolving........

  15 Mar 2019

BT have said they’ll be switching off copper phone lines in 2025 to make way for new technology.

So, what can new technology do?

Call recording for businesses who need to take a recording of conversations with customers, suppliers or any other stakeholder and store it for legal or training purposes.

Marketing on hold keeps callers interested and offers an opportunity to advertise a product or service.

Hunt groups make sure inbound calls come in to the right teams so queries are dealt with seamlessly for the customer.

Call centre functionality means your call statistics can be displayed on a screen in the office to measure success rates and areas to improve.

Security has increased as a focus for all technology. It’s now better than ever before to protect against fraudulent activity such as hacking and unauthorised call spend.

Call handling allows you to make sure the right person always answers your calls.

Number management means you can select numbers for any area code within the UK, or keep your existing numbers. It’s up to you!

Multi-site is used to link all of your sites into one phone system, meaning you can call between sites for free and configure numbers to ring across multiple sites.

Collaboration is the new age of working. With apps and internet logins you can access everything you need to work from wherever you are.

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