Cyber Attack

Protecting Your Data Against Ransomware

Monday, May 15, 2017


The worldwide ransomware attacks which were big news over the weekend have caused huge disruption and worry for many organisations. Even if you haven’t been affected, you’ve probably had sleepless nights worrying about whether your business data has, or is likely to be affected.

Traditional security software solutions may not detect ransomware infections until it is too late and recovery of encrypted files is difficult, and in many cases impossible without the encryption key used in the initial attack, which is what you will pay a ransom for.

Diamond Group are continuously reviewing the latest security products and mitigation techniques against ransomware and our portfolio of products includes:

- Automated Monitoring agents to ensure patches and updates are being applied to your computer

- Managed Antivirus which will monitor your systems for trojans, viruses and malicious code

- Spam and firewall protection to block malicious emails and incursions at the gateway to your network

- Endpoint security to work alongside your antivirus and proactively protect your computers against known and unknown threats

- Online backup to mitigate against lost data on your local systems

Costs can be as little as £2 per month – contact us for advice and solutions.