Planning for the Future Office

  16 Dec 2020

A recent article in the leading online magazine, Workplace Insight, by renowned journalist, Mark Eltringham, ‘Is there a future for the office!  was concise and ‘to the point’.  The article simply read ‘Yes’!

Whilst the longevity of the office environment has been the subject of much debate in 2020, it is clear that whilst there will be changes, the office will remain. Moving forward, the key consideration is, therefore, how to create work settings for a variety of future practices - home working, collaboration, meetings as well as ’traditional’ office spaces. The answer will not be a single solution and inevitably will differ according to business type, circumstances, and requirements.

AuraBench with Return Desk (pictured above)

Prior to the pandemic, key topics were focused on HR issues such as staff retention, productivity, inclusivity, and mental health. Despite the dreadful times, we have experienced during 2020, there may be some positive outcomes in relation to these issues. The recognition that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ will hopefully lead to more flexible workplace strategies embracing a variety of ‘ways of working’. The provision of appropriate environments to meet these varying needs will undoubtedly have a positive impact on employee well-being. The ‘blended’ or hybrid approach will allow us to reunite with our colleagues with the associated gains in terms of welfare, teamwork, brainstorming, learning, socialising, and camaraderie. Employers will also be able to realise significant benefits in terms of efficiency, re-engaging the corporate culture, and potential savings in property costs.

At Diamond Group, we have continued to operate throughout this year and, like most businesses, have had to adapt our working practices to manage the restrictions imposed by Covid-19. On a positive note, we have been working with our suppliers on new marketing initiatives and products for the New Year.

Let’s be positive for 2021!


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