PABX Fraud

PABX Fraud - customer checklist!

Monday, April 6, 2020

PABX fraud is a global problem, generating close to £30 Billion for criminals. An average incident can cost in the thousands. Christmas can be a vulnerable time for businesses, we aim to do all that we can to support our partners and their customers to reduce the risk of an incident.

The Federation of Communication Services (FCS) has produced some handy instructions to help businesses guard against fraud. We have used this information to create a customer checklist. Please feel free to share this with your customers.


A senior manager should be aware of these safeguards and ensure staff follow them as relevant.

  • Passwords and access codes should be changed regularly and if possible be alpha/numeric and as many digits as the system allows. Avoid 0000, 1234, and extension numbers

  • Delete/change passwords for ex-employees.

  • Consider limiting call types by extension, if an extension user has no requirement to ring international/premium rate numbers then bar access to these call types.

  • Secure the system physically, site it in a secure comms room and restrict access to that area.

  • Be vigilant for evidence of hacking - inability to get an outbound line is usually a good indicator of high volumes of traffic through your system. Check for calls outside business hours.

  • Check firewall logs weekly.

Telecoms fraud is becoming the largest source of fraud across the UK.  Exceptional Call Reporting from Diamond monitors your calls.


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