OFCOM'S 7 Broadband Tips

  26 Mar 2020

  1. Use your landline or WIFI calls

You can setup your phone to make calls on your WIFI network rather than on the mobile network.


  1. Move your router clear of devices

Putting your broadband router next to cordless phones, baby monitors, lamps, dimmer switches, TVs and others can impact on your speed.


  1. Lower demands on your connection

Don't watch HD movies or TV shows, play computer games, download videos and make video calls at the same time.


  1. Try wired rather than wireless

Where possible plug directly into your router rather than use WIFI.


  1. Plug directly into phone socket

Don't use an extension lead to connect your router to your phone socket - go directly into the port.


  1. Test your broadband line

Check your speed using online speed tests to see if it matches what you expect or have paid for.


  1. Get advice from your ISP

If all that fails give us a call.


For more advice and information:

T – 0191 519 3700

E – sales@diamond-group.net


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