Managing Change

Monday, April 9, 2018

It is unusual for a business to stand still; expansion, relocation and changes to work patterns can all place demands on your business. At times of change, telecommunications can often be neglected when preparing for an office move, but it can be crucial for your service continuity that you select the correct solutions and work with a provider who can help you to plan effectively.

Here we answer some of the most common questions about managing change when moving offices:

Can I keep my number?

Diamond can provide you with a range of solutions and help to make sure that further changes will not cause you any numbering headaches. Hosted IP telephony and SIP trunking solutions can allow you to use geographic numbers from areas other than your actual location, which makes changing location a smoother process, while also allowing remote or home workers to use numbers from the same range as your head office number. You can even apply a UK number to a handset in an overseas location anywhere in the world! 

New location?

SIP trunking can be a sensible alternative to ISDN connectivity for your landline calls, especially if you can run all your communication services over a dedicated data circuit, with a broadband product as your back-up. SIP trunking or hosted IP telephony also provides access to next generation services such as click to dial toolbars for Outlook and network based call recording.

Significant number of remote or home workers?

A hosted IP telephony solution allows you to easily add (or subtract) any number of users almost immediately and makes communications between sites as simple as if everyone was in the same office - including home workers. Having your main contact numbers on our inbound call management platform means that you can route calls wherever you need them to go at any time of day, simply by logging in to a simple web portal. For a change of location the benefits are obvious - calls continue to be routed to your new location.

Customers reporting difficulties in getting through to you?

Your competitors may well be more welcoming, so you need to respond. The solution may not be more staff, but a smarter use of communications technology, from simply installing more lines so capacity is increased, to using inbound call management to provide callers with information and options to ensure that their questions or problems are quickly addressed.

What do I need to consider?

Number solutions - keep you number when you move premises.

Reliable and timely installation - being able to rely on timely installation so that landlines, broadband and data connectivity are operational on day one. 

Converged voice/data solutions - taking advantage of converged voice and data solutions when your business expands.

Hosted IP telephony system - exploring the benefits that a hosted IP telephony system can provide for a business that expands to more than one site.

Connecting temporary sites - connecting temporary sites quickly and reliably using hosted IP telephony and business grade connectivity.

Remote and mobile workforce - adapting to the needs of an increasingly remote and mobile workforce, using home worker solutions and smartphone applications.

Inbound call management - using inbound call management to balance the load of your inbound calls, especially if you have peak or seasonal calling patterns. Call statistics from our inbound call management platform can highlight changes in the volume of calls to your business. You can then react quickly by introducing call queuing, routing calls to alternative locations and playing announcements to your callers.

By following these simple steps you can manage the process of moving offices and keeping connected to your customers and clients, ready to settle into your new environment stress free.

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