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Lines and Calls

  16 Feb 2021

Dealing with some providers for your lines and calls can be frustrating and costly.  With Diamond you can be confident that your calls will be routed reliably and your lines will continue to be supplied by Openreach, but without the hassle of having to deal with them directly.

If you need new phone lines because you are moving premises, or you need to install extra capacity, Diamond is well placed to smooth out the bumps in the road and make sure that any numbering changes are delivered and installation proceeds on time.

New fibre-based technology is rapidly replacing traditional copper wire voice connectivity. BT has announced the closure of its ISDN network by 2025, so plan ahead and talk to us about how modern IPSDN technology can save you money and provide important new features.

Existing numbers can be ported into the service, so there’s no need to change customer contact numbers and your contact details can remain the same, even if you relocate to a new geographical area.


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