Improving Customer Service

Improving Customer Service

Monday, April 6, 2020

At this time of year, it can be common for companies to set about finding ‘new business’ but only to the detriment of their existing client base. Providing great customer service is always a topical subject for businesses. Understanding the true nature of your customers’ needs is not always straightforward, but Diamond can deliver communications solutions that can help you to raise the standard of your customer service and combat the claims of your competitors. 

Here we explain how you can go about delivering a higher standard of customer service

Answering the call quickly

Call queuing and menu driven systems, which connect the caller to the correct department based on their numeric selections, can be enormously effective if configured correctly but equally frustrating if the opposite is true. Diamond can advise you on how to ensure that your customers appreciate your endeavours to connect them to the right department. Did you know, for example, that DDI numbering plans, inbound call management, hosted IP telephony and SIP trunking can be combined to improve the service you provide?

How busy are your lines?

Diamond can arm you with detailed call statistics that can alert you to the performance of your office and mobile telephony, so we can help you to analyse what is really happening and propose solutions that will provide the most positive customer experience. You may need the capacity to overflow calls to home based workers, or balance the inbound call load between your offices at peak times – our inbound call management solutions will make all this possible and place you in control through a web-based portal. 

Talk not tones

By designing hunt groups, you can make sure that inbound calls are sensibly distributed across your organisations and that calls can overflow to other departments at peak times. Therefore, your customers always speak to one of your team, rather than listen to an engaged tone. 

Service on the move

Smartphones, mobile data devices for laptops and tablet computers make information available on a 24/7, location independent basis. Diamond will remove the bewildering complexity and work with you to identify the best solution for your specific requirements.
Diamond can propose home working solutions that will guarantee staff can work as effectively as if they were in the office, with dedicated voice and internet connectivity that mimics the features that you have access to in the office, giving your workers access to all the information they require to help your customers. 

Training your team

By recording your calls, you can help staff to improve their call handling skills and also pinpoint where product knowledge needs to be enhanced through further training. The end result is a smarter organisation, which will keep more customers and make more profit. Upgrading your communications services to include advanced features such as call recording, can boost your service capability by helping you guide your staff. 

In summary the interaction you have with your existing customers on a day-to-day basis can have a significant impact on the way you are viewed externally. Diamond have a number of solutions that are designed to help your business improve the way you interact with your customers; the key is to have the best fit for your own client base.

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