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  30 Mar 2020

As more business owners are adapting their business to comply with the Government Restrictions it is essential that you are able to stay connected to your business, staff and clients from remote locations. Diamond Group are here to support you when transitioning from office work to remote working. 

Our products can help you to work as effectively as if you were still in the office. Our efficient service and attention to detail will seamlessly transition your normal working habits to your home office. Diamond Group can provide you with the support you need to keep your business at its usual standard even in this current climate.


Below are some of the services that we provide that can keep your business running smoothly.

IT – Cloud computing, email support, security and backups and disaster recovery services.

Telecoms – Remote telephone systems that allow you to stay connected to your clients and your colleagues as if you are still within the same working space.

Business Systems – We can provide desktop printers and Remote file sharing.

Office Furniture – Perhaps now is the perfect time to fit out your office without our team getting in your way!

People Services – Get in touch for tips on how you can keep your team productive during this time.

Remember, our top priority is to keep your business connected and ready to hit the ground running when all of this is over.

We are here for you at this difficult time so please call our friendly team on 0191 5193700 for more information on how we can support you!


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