Suspicious Email Alert

ALERT - suspicious emails

Sunday, May 19, 2019


We are alerting you about legitimate looking emails which are actually “phishing” attempts to access your mailbox / Office 365 by cyber criminals. Please be extra vigilant and also tell your colleagues so that they are aware.
You may receive an email from one of your contacts, which is very plausible – it will have the usual signature, email address and contact details – and it will come with a PDF attachment. The PDF attachment doesn’t have a payload in itself but there is a link in the document which requests logins for Exchange / icloud / Office365.
DO NOT INPUT YOUR DETAILS because this will give the perpetrators access to your accounts and all of your emails. They will also send the same email to all of your contacts. The email is usually entitled Please see the attached”.

If you have any concerns (even slight) regarding unusual emails in your inbox.  We are here to help and support you!


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