2025 is just around the corner!

  13 Apr 2021

2025 is just around the corner!

In less than four years, the existing telephone infrastructure will be switched off. This may be surprising to hear, but it’s true. The switch off of this network is to make way for better, faster, more resilient technology.

You need to know if your business is still operating on this old technology. If you still haven’t switched over by 2025, Openreach claims your telephone line will be switched off, which isn’t good for business. We’re not here to make bold claims or scare you, we’re here to notify you of what’s happening and to help your business to prepare.

What should you do?

Talk to us, so we can take a look at your current phone system set up and determine if you need to move to newer technology. It’s better to do it sooner rather than later, as demand starts to decline for these services, they will become more expensive.

What’s the solution?

Moving to more modern technology, which uses your internet connection to connect your calls. We can help you to move over to a solution that not only is designed for the future, but offers better features, such as collaboration, all while looking to save your business money in the long term.



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