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    Simple SIM only!

    If you're looking to upgrade your business SIMs, we have the answer. Whether you're the company social media guru who needs heaps of data, or you simply need enough to chec...Read More
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    Cosy Cove

    Ideal for modern offices, our Cosy Cove allows staff the flexibility to meet, work and collaborate in a creative environment which is worlds away from a stuffy boardroom. ...Read More
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    How do I make the move?

    Here are our tips on how to switch from traditional, to new, slick technology. Tips on switching Find out what lines your phones are currently running on – we can hel...Read More
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    Technology is evolving........

    BT have said they’ll be switching off copper phone lines in 2025 to make way for new technology. So, what can new technology do? Call recording for businesses who need to...Read More
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    Alert - how you can be scammed by a method called SIM Splitting

    The scam and how it works! The first thing a fraudster will do is try to get as much information on you as they can. This can mean stealing your post, using your socia...Read More
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    Diamond Furniture - new for 2019!

    The Caddy - now available and new for 2019! The Caddy is an innovative, alternative office solution meeting the needs of the ever-changing office, with storage, filing and...Read More