Following the latest Government announcement, many firms are beginning to try and resume some normality in these strange times, starting with a phased return to the office. So, how can you keep efficiency and morale up even when your team is split between the workplace and home?


Stay in touch

Check in with your team on a regular basis, no matter where they are. Staff members who are still working from home (WFH), or those who are in the office alone, may start to feel isolated – catching up with a quick video call isn’t likely to impact your task list much, but it could give your colleagues’ spirits a huge lift.


Share to-do lists…

This isn’t about micro-managing or keeping an eye on your colleagues – it’s a way of motivating each other and helping the team stay on track. There’s no better feeling than ticking a task off your to-do list, and it’s encouraging to celebrate when someone reaches their goal for the day.


…And files

Those working in the office together may be able to pass over a document as and when it’s needed, but with some of your team still WFH it’s important to have an efficient file sharing system set up. Whether it’s via a cloud-based system or software like Google Drive, having everything your team needs in one place will make the transition back into the office much smoother for everyone.


Keep your team safe

For members of the team who are returning to the office, it’s important to put safety first, without separating them completely. Those still working from home will need to find alternative methods of communication, but with measures such as acrylic screens and distanced work areas in place there’s no reason why those in the office can’t feel some sort of normality there.


Remember, only begin your return to the office when it is safe and appropriate for your team to do so. If you would like support while your team is split or beginning to move back to the workplace, get in touch.