After weeks of Zoom calls, Skype sessions and dining table desks, many businesses in the UK are beginning to re-open their offices for staff members to return to work. If you’re one of these firms, here are our top tips to prepare your office for the team…


Make the most of your space

If you’re starting with a phased return, make the most of the space you have to allow your workers to social distance. Rearranging your furniture, or spreading the team around the office and using space of those still working from home, will protect their safety without losing the camaraderie and upbeat vibe of the office.


Create zones

It might sound like an idea for a primary school playground game but having something visual will help your employees follow the 2-metre rule and instill confidence that you’re taking their safety seriously. Whether it’s gaffer tape or markers on the floor, always be careful of trip hazards!


Invest in equipment

When preparing to return to the office the wellbeing of your staff should be your highest priority. From acrylic protection screens to individual work and lunch stations, there is some fantastic equipment available to help the team get on with their day job while feeling safe in their environment.


Stagger working hours and break times

Tape on the floor and individual stations can only do so much – if you have a large team arriving, leaving and fighting for room in the office kitchen at the same time, social distancing becomes impossible. To keep your staff safe and well on their return, it’s a good idea to implement staggered hours and breaks to avoid crowding.


It’s important that you only plan a return to your office when it is safe and possible for your team to do so. If you would like support in preparing your office, get in touch.