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Top tech tips for working from home

With the ongoing Coronavirus crisis and enforced social distancing measures in place, more of us are working from home (WFH) than ever before.


With the ongoing Coronavirus crisis and enforced social distancing measures in place, more of us are working from home (WFH) than ever before. Whether you’re a WFH veteran or new to the office-free lifestyle, here are a few tech tips and tricks to make it easier (and more productive).

Start with your set-up

Many of us may be experiencing working from home for the very first time during the pandemic, so it’s good to start with the basics. Firstly, choose where you’re going to spend your 9-5 – office, spare bedroom, the kitchen table? Next, try to replicate your office set-up as closely as possible. If you usually use a laptop and a monitor (and you have access to both), don’t change the way you work just because you’re at home.

Give video calls and messages a try

It may be a new way to communicate for your team, but video calls and messages can add the human touch that all remote workers need during these strange times. Platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Circuit are all free and make it easy to connect your team, with additional features such as screen sharing, file transferring and virtual backgrounds.

Invest in headphones

If you’re picking up our first tip, it’s wise to invest in a good pair of headphones with a microphone. Reducing background noise and improving your speech clarity can make it seem like you’re there in the room with your fellow participants. Plus, when the call hangs up and you’re back in your individual bubble, they can be a great way to distance yourself and keep your productivity on track.

Sharing is caring

With staff spread all over the region (if not the country) and all trying to access, view and edit documents, now might be the time to invest in a file sharing tool. Microsoft OneDrive is arguably the most popular, and it’s not hard to see why – the platform allows any number of participants to collaborate on sheets, presentations and documents, with a chat feature and the ability to see who changed or added what built in too.

Tick off the to-do list

No printer? No problem. If you usually rely on a paper to-do list to keep you on track, there are plenty of online platforms out there to keep your productivity going. Microsoft To Do and Todoist are both top choices to give you that ticking-off satisfaction.

Ready, set, go

If you’re still struggling to stay on schedule, it could be time to give a time management tool a try. Apps such as Harvest, Clockify and Toggl will help you realise how much time you’re spending on each task, and it can be a great feeling looking back at just how much you got done in a day/week.

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