In it for the long haul

While some businesses have returned to the office, for many it simply isn’t feasible – or necessary – to leave the new-normality of working from home (WFH) behind.

If you’re one of the firms who won’t be heading back to base any time soon, here are some top tips for keeping productivity and efficiency up as we enter another month of the pandemic.


Don’t forget about team building and bonding exercises

Just because it isn’t possible to go for Friday evening drinks or team days out, it doesn’t mean staff engagement should be forgotten about completely. Arrange time for a Zoom quiz, introduce random questions to your briefing calls to get to know each other better, or even take five minutes out of your day to call a colleague and talk about something other than work.

A happy, engaged team leads to happy clients and customers.


Keep dressing for success

It can be hard for long-term WFH staff to not fall into the pattern of rolling straight out of bed and into a Teams call (audio only, of course), but getting ready for the day ahead can have a huge boost in productivity and morale. Why not organise a fancy Friday to give the team something to dress up for and look forward to?


Make sure everyone’s prepared

When lockdown was initially introduced, many will have scrambled to grab a laptop, charger and any leftover snacks from their drawers with thoughts in mind that a hastily established WFH set-up wouldn’t last too long. If circumstances aren’t likely to change in a hurry, you should make that clear to those around you and encourage them to retrieve their office comforts.

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