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Get ready, get set, go Work From Home!

It can be difficult to get used to working from home (WFH), especially if your set-up is nothing like the one you’re used to in the office.

It can be difficult to get used to working from home (WFH), especially if your set-up is nothing like the one you’re used to in the office. Getting it as close as you can, however, is the perfect way to increase productivity and retain some normality through these strange, unprecedented times – here’s what’s included in ours.


The working from home staple. Most of us can get everything ticked off our to-do list on this one device, with everything readily available at our fingertips. Make sure you keep yours updated so it’s in peak condition for the days and weeks ahead.

Mouse and mat

It might seem like a basic addition but having regular office equipment like a mouse and mouse mat can keep your productivity up. Not only does it bring some normality to your WFH set-up, but it can stop hand cramps and mistakes made by slipping on your laptop touchpad.


Staying in touch is more important than it ever has been, whether it’s with colleagues or with customers. A good telecoms system and phone set-up will make it as easy to connect with your clients at home as it is in the office, without having to rely on mobile phones.

Our top tips for your phone? First, make sure you divert your office number to make sure all calls reach you – now is not the time to lose customers and potential business because of mixed up numbers. Secondly, set up a good voicemail so even if you’ve nipped out for your daily exercise or to pick up some essentials, your callers will still know they’ve reached you and be able to leave their details. Finally, if your office phone system includes smart app functionality for your mobile phone, set this up and you can be making, receiving, transferring and routing calls as seamlessly and efficiently as you would in the office.


This is a tech luxury that not everyone will have access to, but if you’re used to working with a monitor in the office, try and get one to use while working from home. An additional monitor is a great tool for those working on multiple projects and screens at once.


Again, this isn’t a device everyone will have access to, but a small, portable device is enough to keep you ticking over during the WFH period, however long that may be. Print your to-do lists, organise customer enquiries, and keep on top of general admin in the good, traditional way.

If you’re an essential business with larger volumes or secure documents to print, Smart Integration apps are easy to use and will allow you to print to any office printer. Make sure you hold the job for security until you release it from the printer control panel.

Even though you may not be in the office, we can still support you with all your needs. From equipment to systems, we are here to make your upcoming weeks and months working from home as comfortable as possible – simply get in touch.

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