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Coronavirus and Business Continuity

The threat of coronavirus – and the measures being implemented to stem the spread of the disease – is changing the way we work, and may do for years to come.

Coronavirus and business continuity

The threat of coronavirus – and the measures being implemented to stem the spread of the disease – is changing the way we work, and may do for years to come.

As well as the human cost of the COVID-19 crisis, it will have a very real financial impact; home working, business recovery and contingency planning have all become very real prospects for firms to contend with.

However, there are measures companies can put in place to mitigate the risk and ensure they are in the healthiest position possible when we come through the other side.

Home working

With social distancing in force and a full lockdown looking imminent at the time of writing, working from home is encouraged wherever possible. Many firms are not prepared for this, and may have to think a little differently about how their employees work.

At Diamond, we can help. Our cloud computing services mean we can help you set up your team for home working, meaning it can be business as usual while taking all the necessary precautions to keep them – and the wider community – safe.

We also offer high-speed, cost-effective broadband services to keep everyone connected. Our business grade broadband offers your business a high capacity / high speed transmission service, which will allow you to carry multiple voice, video or data channels simultaneously.

Using all the technology at our disposal allows us, as businesses, to minimise the worst effects of any shutdown, meaning we can come out the other side raring to go.

Continuity planning

A business continuity plan outlines the procedures an organisation should follow in the face of disaster, whether fire, flood or cyberattack.

While we all hope the day will never come that we need it, the events of 2020 highlight exactly why it is so important to have such plans in place, so you can hit the ground running when life returns to normal.

An effective business continuity plan needs to consider your key business areas and their critical functions. You’ll also need to look at which areas of the business depend on each other and what the acceptable downtime is for each. Following that, you need to define a plan to maintain operations.

At Diamond Group, we offer a range of services to ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible no matter what is going on in the outside world. From personnel to office furniture, phones to photocopiers, we’re a one-stop shop to help your business get back on its feet.

Furthermore, we also offer training and workshops to help those in decision-making positions communicate with their team, from the latest Government messages to welfare protocols.

Disaster recovery

There’s no sugar-coating it; coronavirus is a disaster, for people, for society – and for businesses.

No matter your industry, it’s likely that your firm is reliant on technology in some way, shape or form to keep it running.

While we don’t yet know what the impact will be on IT systems, a disaster recovery plan is vital to ensure yours are impacted as little as possible, and ready to go when the danger has passed.

Our IT Security, backup and disaster recovery solutions can provide the comfort and confidence that your business data is protected against any unforeseen events.

While you may think that your business is covered when it comes to online disasters because your data is backed up onto a hard-drive, it is equally important to mitigate against real life, physical disasters. This is why, when it comes to disaster recovery, we recommend that you store your company’s files in a Data Centre, an offsite alternative to storing data.

All of your data will be backed up out of hours to minimise disruption. In practice, this means that, were the worst to happen, your business would only have lost up to one day’s work rather than work that took months – peace of mind in these troubling times.

Finally, we at Diamond hope that you and your business are coping well with the impact of COVID-19.

We pride ourselves on the excellent service we provide to our customers and want to reassure everyone that we are still able to provide our first-class service during the current uncertainty.

Our aim is to continue to deliver our usual high standard of service, and we’d like to remind both existing and prospective clients that all of our technical engineers and field service engineers are available should you require their assistance.

For more information on any of our services and how they can help during this period of disruption, please call 0191 519 3700 or email sales@diamond-group.net