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Broadband Boosting Tips

With everyone being at home throughout the day, the internet connection can suffer.

With everyone being at home throughout the day, the internet connection can suffer. The kids watching Netflix, your partner on a video call and you trying to download files is a recipe for a bandwidth disaster.  However, there are some simple steps you can take to boost your broadband and ensure everyone has the data they need for whatever they want to do.

Test the limits

The easiest way to detect your broadband speed is to test it! Once you’ve implemented these small tips and tricks, recheck it to see how much difference it’s made.  Use Ofcom’s handy broadband speed test here!

Move your router

Moving the router to a new location within your home can make a world of difference.  If it’s been placed near other devices, it can affect your WiFi signal so relocating it can boost your broadband for the whole household.  Place it on a table, or a shelf rather than the floor too and always keep it switched on to get the most out of your connectivity.

Disconnect devices

The more devices that are attached to your WiFi, the slower the speed. If you’re not using a device for the internet, then disconnect it!

Schedule calls at unusual times

It’s typical for conference calls or video meetings to start on the hour or at half past the hour, so schedule your calls at slightly different times to avoid the surge in traffic and ensure your call connects as seamlessly as possible.

Don’t use the microwave!

It might sound strange but using the microwave can see a dip in your WiFi signal so refrain from using your microwave if you’re on an important video call, watching a HD movie or you’re downloading files.

Use microfilters

Interference from your phone line can impact your broadband speeds so try plugging microfilters into every phone socket in your home. They’re little white boxes and are widely available for a low-cost. A microfilter split the phone and broadband signals up so that they don’t affect each other.

Wire up

Using a wired connection rather than a wireless connection can make all the difference.  An Ethernet cable can connect your router directly to your computer, and they start from as little as £3.  It’s a worthy investment if you’re having continued difficulties connecting.

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