Colin Grant - Meet the Team

Colin Grant

IT Director

Colin has worked for Diamond Group for nine years and in IT in general for 30 years now, starting his career as a paste-up artist, assisting the Graphic Designer at a ship research company. That job then evolved into being a Desktop Publisher, using a specialist piece of software to produce company literature, which then led to training courses in computers and networking. After a couple of years, the funding in Ship Research ran out and he got made redundant.

Colin shortly joined Price Waterhouse where he got a job as a Local Network Supervisor and after a couple more years, joined their Consultancy division as an IT Consultant, providing advice and implementations to Price Waterhouse’s clients. Price Waterhouse later merged with Coopers to become PwC.

After 10 years with PwC, Colin left to form his own business, Grant IT, which provided IT Support to local business. 9 years later, Grant IT merged into Diamond Group to be a part of the group which now provides complete technical services, advice and resource.

In his spare time, Colin enjoys playing snooker and football and getting lost in the Lake District with his wife; he likes to call this hiking.