Cyber Security Accreditation

We live in a world with an ever-growing and constant threat from cyber-attacks.  At Diamond we are constantly seeking ways of preventing them from happening in the first place!

To keep up with this hidden danger, and as part of our continuing staff development programme, we are pleased to announce that Diamond have earned accreditation as Cyber Security Analysts.

Having this in-house expertise will enable Diamond to identify and prevent common attacks very quickly ensuring that we resolve common issues with little intervention.

To keep up with the enemy, cyber security analysts need to be part detective, and be able to see beyond what the monitors and dashboards are and are telling them. On occasions, they need to learn to think like the very attackers they are combating.

Diamond help protect businesses like yours from attacks and keep your files and your data safe.

To find out how we can protect your business please contact us:

T -  0191 519 3700

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