New Business Sales Manager

Like many other professions, we view our sales department as a career, it’s not something anyone can do. Therefore, we’re not just looking for anyone.

We know that you’ll get rejections from prospects and that’s OK. We know you’ll get asked to do a deal and that’s OK. What’s not OK is expecting the phone to ring with your next big deal to rescue this month’s sales target.

You’ll know from experience that your personal behaviours will lead to your success, or failure. If you think sales is easy, or it’s a numbers game, or it’s just about going to networking events, then this isn’t for you. We’re happy to train you on product knowledge and give you specific sales training to help your development. What we can’t do is change your attitude to selling.

We know the financial numbers we want you to hit. How you do it depends on you. You’ll know from previous prospecting habits how many times you have to dial the phone to get to a decision maker. You’ll know how many decision makers you have to speak with to get a meeting. And how many meetings you need to do to get a sale. Therefore, as long as you do the prospecting, you’ll be a success.

You live or die by your results. You don’t make excuses, blame others or hide behind market conditions. You take responsibility and hold yourself accountable for delivering.

We’re only interested in speaking to the right people so don’t apply if you’re scared of a challenge, want an easy ride or expect to be paid handsomely for doing nothing.

If you’re still reading and want to apply send an email to telling us:

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